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I began my career in photography at a very early age as the family photographer. My mother loved cameras and as they became available on the mass market, she purchased them and put them into my hands. In my early 20s I received my first 35 mm film camera as a gift. Later, I purchased a used 35mm Mamiya camera followed by two Mamiya medium format cameras and two Nikon 35mm cameras for a photo business.These were followed by a Nikon F 100 film camera and now a Nikon D 100 and Nikon D 300. I own a macro 60mm lens, a wide angle zoom, a medium telephoto zoom and a 400mm zoom. My subjects are rooted in great moments that cross my path in the circle of my life. I have worked as a journalist at a regional newspaper and a community newspaper, and a journalism professor at three universities. I have acquired bachelor's and master's degrees and a doctorate degree in journalism and I studied photography at a local career college. I have published several articles in juried journals and have had several photos appear in juried exhibits. I grew up in Southern Illinois and am one of 12 children. My father worked WPA during the Depression and joined the ranks of workers mining coal. My mother was a homemaker for many years and later worked as a cutter at dress factory and became a union leader. I love God's creation and Howard, Huey and Sassy.

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