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Cindy Treger - Wood Thrush Painting

Wood Thrush Painting

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Ronda Ryan Lovely painting! Multi-talented!

8 Seconds Ago

James Merecki - ...Silhouette Sunrise...

...Silhouette Sunrise...

Robert VanDerWal Nicely Done! Beautiful Scene.

29 Seconds Ago

Tess Cummings - Delicate


Sergey Taran Nice picture!

56 Seconds Ago

Patrice Zinck - The Color of Fall

The Color of Fall

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Kim Tran Beautiful capture of colours and light Patrice! Fav

1 Minute Ago

Michael Chatman - Diversity


Pharris Art Excellent work, Michael

1 Minute Ago

Kenny Bosak - Martha

Martha's Highlights

Sergey Taran Great work

2 Minutes Ago

Joel Bruce Wallach - Peace Tree Sunset

Peace Tree Sunset

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Joel Bruce Wallach Fortunately, yes, Susan; with each peaceful thought and action, karma spreads it to the world.

1 Minute Ago

Cindy McDonald - Moving Forward

Moving Forward

Melissa Bittinger Perfect quiet, dramatic background for this cougar, beautiful is all of your portfolio :o)

2 Minutes Ago

Karen Moren - I AM the Light of the World

I AM the Light of the World

Todd Dunham Very Beautiful.

2 Minutes Ago

Cindy Treger - Outer Banks Rodanthe, NC Golden Sunrise B

Outer Banks Rodanthe, NC Golden Sunrise B

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Ronda Ryan This is stunning! Absolutely etherial!

2 Minutes Ago

Barbara Rosenzweig - Star Gazer lily

Star Gazer lily

Sergey Taran Nice gallery!

3 Minutes Ago

Sheila Mcdonald - Late Afternoon In Sweden

Late Afternoon In Sweden

Joel Bruce Wallach The soft warm sepia glow casts an elegant light on this beautiful scene, Sheila.

3 Minutes Ago

Arlane Crump - Camellia Bloom

Camellia Bloom

Kim Tran A charming macro shot with lovely details Arlane! L/f

3 Minutes Ago

Rex Adams - Hope Springs

Hope Springs

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Kat Zalewski-Bednarek Beautiful work! Congrats!

5 Minutes Ago

Cindy McDonald - After the Storm

After the Storm

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Melissa Bittinger Love the dreamy quality, just so serene and beautiful :o)

6 Minutes Ago

Paulo Guimaraes - American Social

American Social

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Felipe Adan Lerma Wonderful tradition of artistically recreating the fabric of our flag into the emotions it has raised since it was created - thank you, Paulo!

6 Minutes Ago

Denise Clark - Hoya


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Denise Clark Thank you so much Maria for featuring Hoya in your group Exquisite Florals. I truly appreciate your support.

6 Minutes Ago

Tina Marie - Modest


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Sergey Taran Fantastic work!

6 Minutes Ago

Lori Deiter - West Virginia Sunset

West Virginia Sunset

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Melissa Bittinger Omg, what a fabulous image! Picture perfect composition, gorgeous work :o)

7 Minutes Ago

Heather James - Octopus


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RC DeWinter Love your octopus, l/f

7 Minutes Ago

Denise Clark - Leopard Tree Bark Abstract 6

Leopard Tree Bark Abstract 6

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Denise Clark Thank you so much Robyn for featuring Leopard Tree Bark Abstract 6 in your group The World We See. I truly appreciate your support.

7 Minutes Ago

Jenny Pickens - Dominic


Pharris Art Nice portrait, great use of color

8 Minutes Ago

Don Koester - Spain


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Dyle Warren I like this...kind of Picasso-esque and very colorful like your other works!

8 Minutes Ago

Ann Powell - Chili Peppers on Adobe Wall

Chili Peppers on Adobe Wall

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Robert VanDerWal Nicely composed, exposed, and treated. Congrats on the Sale!

8 Minutes Ago

Jean Booth - Breezy Pink

Breezy Pink

Sergey Taran Beautiful image =)

9 Minutes Ago

Denise Clark - Possum Hieroglyphs 2

Possum Hieroglyphs 2

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Denise Clark Thank you so much Denise for featuring Possum Hieroglyphs 2 in your group All Aspects of Abstract Art. I truly appreciate your support.

9 Minutes Ago

Ronda Breen - Omalola


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Ronda Breen Thanks for the features Denise.

9 Minutes Ago

Kenneth Krolikowski - Back In Time

Back In Time

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Larry Banks Very nice vintage scene, love it!

9 Minutes Ago

Henk Meijer Photography - Sunset Lake Myvatn

Sunset Lake Myvatn

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Joel Bruce Wallach Elegant jewel toned beautiful scene, Henk.

10 Minutes Ago

Denise Davis - Bed of Apples

Bed of Apples

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Denise Davis Thank you. It s great ls appreciated Hazel

10 Minutes Ago

Jessica Farley - Whirl


Jenny Revitz Soper What a beaatiful abstract! it makes me happy. l/f

10 Minutes Ago

Arlane Crump - Orchid-Macro


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Jasna Dragun Beautiful !! l/f/fb

11 Minutes Ago

Michael Chatman - Hip-Hop Art 2

Hip-Hop Art 2

Pharris Art Nicely done

11 Minutes Ago

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