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Learn more about Tamantha Williams from Johannesburg, Gauteng - South Africa.

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Born in South Africa, the environment, open spaces, and interpersonal interaction was a primary source of inspiration growing up. For me, Art is one place where desire to express and explore creativity becomes truly tangible.

I am now primarily inspired by thoughts of the world we live in, the truths that we believe exist, and how we live these truths. My work is based on human relationships and interactions in the physical and spiritual emotional context, these I question and turn upside down and then comment on it through my art.
Qualifying as a Landscape Architect, I worked within this field in South Africa and Botswana and lectured at the University of Tswana in the Landscape Design module. I moved on to opening my own Graphic Design Company, from that I went on to study Visual Arts at Unisa University always being driven by the passion for art.

In the time of doing Visual arts, I exhibited at Pretoria Arts Museum as part of a collaboration of students, submitted for the Sasol Signatures, did smaller exhibitions, and won awards in the Recycled Art Competition in South Africa.

At the moment my focus is realism with a slant to underlying commentary of how we live the truths we decide on, how we base all of that on a past - that does not exist, with concern for a future that is unpredictable. Through my art I investigate basic thought processes about guilt, forgiveness, love, time, conflict, isolation, eternity, and the ‘what is human?’ construct.

She welcomes and is open-minded when it comes to comments and discussions on her work, feel free to contact her on:
Email: IamTamanthaWilliams@gmail.com
Cell: 0828504427

Tamantha Williams joined Pixels.com Licensing on January 21st, 2021.