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Learn more about Stacey Chiew from Subang Jaya - Malaysia.

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I tell stories through art. As a child growing up, my imagination has always been an incredible driving force in my life. I would doodle on the walls of my grandparents’ very old colonial house. Those drawings still exist today.

Art matters because it imitates life. It connects me to my authentic self and the people around me. Every piece of art you see in my gallery is a reflection of my innermost thoughts and feelings, the way I view the world. The earth indeed is the most colorful place I know!

I enjoy learning. I don't limit myself to one style, one medium or one subject. I believe limits only exist in our mind. I welcome new ideas, I am open to possibilities. My attention to details ensures that each piece of my work captures the depth of texture, the vibrancy of colors, lines, spaces and other visual elements that required to express my ideas.

To me, art is not just art, it's about life. Art has the capability to inspire change. It can lift the human spirit and connect us on a visceral level. I hope my body of work brings a smile to your face and helps you make a deeper connection with yourself.

Besides exploring the art world, I write articles for publication and enjoy blogging.

If you're feeling inspired by these designs and want something different to suit your own unique preferences, please contact me for any commission requests. I will create something perfect for your space.

All fine art prints are custom manufactured with the highest level of quality assurance..

My art covers every conceivable subject matter, there is truly something for everyone. Pick your favourites. All prints ship within 48 hours.

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Love Is A Rainbow

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Spring Rhapsody

Note: The watermark in the lower right-hand corner will not appear in the final print.


All fine art prints are custom manufactured at Fine Art America with the highest level of quality assurance. International shipping is available.


All materials and images you see in this gallery are protected by copyright law. The transfer of images in any format is not permitted. Copyright 2018 Stacey Chiew. All rights reserved.

Stacey Chiew joined Licensing on September 15th, 2015.