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I was born in Chicago, Illinois..lived in the western suburbs,Moved to Solana Beach, on the beach something I always wanted to do. I had already bought a home in Palm Springs. Thats how I decided on Sherri's Of Palm Spring.. Been here for 35yrs.. now living in Rancho Mirage, Ca. am married and have 5 adult Children My family is the love of my life. I recently lost a daughter from Cancer.
My passion now is painting traditionally and digitally and it really always was but had a wonderful restaurant and lounge for 15 years and my children for and that all took so much time as you can imagine.. now that I am retired I love love to paint traditionally or digitally, I am just learning and taking time for photography...getting back to my artwork I do have to say i painted in my office and when someone came they ended up with a little bit of my picture..I am now also recyling some of my artwrok which is really fun... to see what a new piece I will get..
My forte in life has always been to make people happy and really was my success because it came from the heart as do my paintings.
In this world that is so sad I hope you can see the fun or the sadness, or an abstract that you can see different things in...everyone see differently in an abstract. or what it means to them....I think for children that are just learning colors and different objects abstract are a good learning process, I have many teachers that have bought for that reason, oh and parents and grandparents. and also Therapist...
I have several fun pictures for children. hope you enjoy my work...
thanking you for visiting
Sherri Nicholas
Sherri of Palm Springs...I use this for years but had moved
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