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Learn more about Richard W Cleveland from Cedar City, UT - United States.

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Born and raised in Utah, I have been working as a graphic artist and free-lancing for over 30 years. I work in the graphic design industry and until Nov 2019 was employed for a decor & sign company in Cedar City, Utah. Working for a company with major national clients I served in the capacity as one of the lead designers providing everything from original conceptual work to layout to spec work for complex and highly detailed visual creations. Logo design, promotional artwork and any type of signage design work, I have experienced it. My passion is drawing and I have for the past 10 years concentrated on portraiture work both in gray scale and color media. The opportunity to capture an accurate likeness and precise individuality in a portrait is my constant goal in my free-lance work. Having the ability to create unique caricature illustrations is another way I capture the image of anyone from a next door neighbor to a popular recognizable celebrity or public figure. I am grateful for God given talents and the opportunities afforded me everyday to practice and perfect that talent. I feel blessed to have a loving supportive wife and 4 wonderful children who all have talents of their own they are developing. My other interests include hiking, mountain biking, cooking, gardening and photography. I plan to make my art a lifetime of learning and perfection, in that is that I hope to make me a more complete person. I do commissioned portraiture and can pass along information about pricing, procedures by having those interested contact me at my e-mail address,

Richard W Cleveland joined Licensing on March 3rd, 2010.