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RjFxx., (short for RjF at Beautifullart ) says. For me, the Act of Creation is indeed compelling! I am involved and interested in new forms of Modern Contemporary Abstract Art, not in painting what already exists.

The beauty of the brushstroke, the way the texture I apply works in the new creation taking place before my very eyes. The important color choices that work together to create the feeling that I am “ Inspired “. .That ' inspires my imagination & very soul '! With the beauty of the creation before my eyes

For “ Inspiration & imagination “ is the only way I now work. I have evolved, to leaving behind, any pre-set idea of how the Painting will / should look, and create only as “ Inspiration “ and “ Intuition “ and ' imagination ' guides me in my Art Work.

Modern Art, or Abstract Art or Contemporary Art, after all, should be no less inspiring than the masterpieces of the past.

I invite you to visit my Website www.beautifullart.com I would love to meet you!!!

Thank You for supporting LIVING ARTISTS.

Love you all! RjFxx.

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Thank You for supporting LIVING ARTISTS! Love you all! RjFxx.

I invite you to visit my art stores @ http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/rhona-friedenthal.html,
ijustwannabe* and ArtPal.com/beautifullart

RjFxx = short for RjF At Beautifullart
Thank You for supporting LIVING ARTISTS.

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