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My name is Rand Herron. I was born in Lake Worth (Palm Beach County) Florida in 1959.
In '77 I broke my neck in a diving accident. That catastrophic injury nearly killed me and left me a quadriplegic. I was in the hospital for nearly six months learning to do everything all over again, and to live life in a wheelchair.
I am paralyzed from the chest down and partly in my arms and hands. I am able to move my arms quite well however, but am limited with triceps. Without the full use of my fingers I have mastered leverage and can do many things including driving my vehicle.
When I was young and before my injury I was interested in art, especially photography and darkroom work. I also used to sketch with pencil or charcoal a fair bit which consisted of mostly sports figures and portraits. That may be why much of my work looks like sketches. Other than a few public school art courses, that was the extent of my training.
When I was twenty, two years after my injury, I apprenticed for a short time under a famous portrait artist. Though it only lasted about 6 months I did learn valuable lessons about oil painting and color theory. For a few years hence I did dabble in sketching on and off. Then barely touched art for decades until I obtained an iPad in 2011. After seeing an amazing artist (on youtube) do an oil rendering on his iPad I was stunned to learn that you could draw and paint digitally. I quickly learned the Apps for art really and completely simulate real art in almost every form. Whether drawing, sketching, paint brushing, air brushing, the genre of art is translated beautifully without actually using physical paint. The screen is my canvas and my index finger is the brush. At first my finger worked better than a stylus until I stepped up to an iPad Pro. Now I use an iPencil which has helped me immensely. I watched hours and hours of Youtube tutorials. I found that I can achieve detail I didn’t think possible. I can make the brush any shape I like and no chemicals are involved. My paints are unlimited and the drying time immediate. However, I've found that time does not know the difference. It takes just as long to paint digitally then with real paint - for me anyway.
I do think some artists these days are in love with their signatures. I won't sign a piece if I think it detracts from the overall outcome. Therefore, some pieces are unsigned. I do have a slight obsession with detail.
I love the elemental feminine beauty of flowers and tend to paint them often. I've begun painting other subjects. I am also putting up some of my photographs. These photos were taken from my wheelchair with a small Sony Cybershot with a 12x lens. Unfortunately, as much as I'd love to I am unable to use a larger DSLR bulkier camera very effectively. My photos may be cropped, but are not enhanced using software.
Being new to digital art, some of the pieces (especially the early ones) are limited in size do to resolution setting issues. Ive corrected that with my newer pieces.
All my work is done with love for those I love. I hope you enjoy it.
Peace! -Rand

Rand Herron joined Pixels.com Licensing on February 3rd, 2012.