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Learn more about Nicole Chisholm from Smyrna, GA - United States.

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Hi Artist of Sorts,

Check out Face Mask with art featured by yours truly!
Just select your photo and adjust to your liking! 💋

The Center for Disease Control has recommended the use of cloth face mask to help fight the spread of COVID-19.✔

This face mask is made from 100% polyester and includes two woven, elastic loops for a comfortable fit.✔


#staysafe #stayhome #alonetogether #facemask #orderfacemask #coveryoface!

Stay safe, whether you consider the extra caution necessary or not. Let's do it for those fighting life threatening illnesses outside of Covid-19, for our elders AND for the little ones who need you around and HEALTHY for a while longer!


'Mindfulness is such a powerful tool. It's one of life's most underrated hacks.'

This journey has included so many inevitable moments and life impacting decisions. Those moments and decisions have led me to this new world and it is SO beautiful.

My Dad was a Graphic Designer for a print company and a museum.
I was 12 (an 88' Baby) when I started sneaking into his room when I got home from school and using his camera (hand held Sony). I would have a couple of hours to run around the house and do different photo shoots before he got home from work. I was insanely shy and quiet in school, so getting home to that camera was like freedom.

If I wasn't doing landscape or different random objects, I was setting up the tripod, lights, and furniture with the camera on a timer, and doing personal selfie shoots.

With all the different types of photo shoots I've done through the years, Landscape has always given me a feeling of freedom.

I'll forever yearn for that feeling. I will always want to share my photography.

Nicole Chisholm joined Licensing on January 5th, 2019.