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Learn more about Monica Ghit from Venice, Venice - Italy.

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Monica Ghit, affectionately known as Mony is born in Baia Mare, north-west of Transylvania, on November 1, 1979. Daughter of an orthodox priest and a schoolteacher, she graduated from North University of Baia Mare in 2002. Until 1989, her family faced the oppression of Romanians, which served only to intensify the activity of the communist Security. The regime deliberately played on the sense that everybody was being watched in order to make it easier to bend the people to the Communist party’s will. The totalitarist regime seriously conditioned the choices of her family, her father would make a living in Israel pressing the Israeli-Romanian Church for several years, and her brother immigrated to USA and would ask for the exile acceptance. Monica herself immigrated to Italy, after the graduation and completed her professional skills pressing Paolo Giordani’s studio in Venice. She had various jobs until she saved enough money to proceed with the startup of her own project. As the founder and owner of the Venetian brand DA MAI SIN 1979, with the fully recognition from Rome (classes 16, 18,21,24,42 – after the Nice convention), for the European Union in 20 December, 2012, in Venice, she decided to make a new step ahead, with the collaboration with the various art branches from USA, United Kingdom, Japan, Romania and many other countries.
„ I was confronted with unknown situations” says Monica „which gave me the force to survive, but all the circumstances brought up emotional conflicts which needed to be resolved by a decision. I lost parts of my former identity, which obviously occurs as immigrated and developed new aspects of my personality within other groups around me. Immigration is an emotional challenge that can give birth to the most complex and oscillating feelings. It goes along with loss and separation, leaving people and places, building up new relations and modelling a new identity. I had to learn to handle with unexpected which had an impact on my way of feeling and thinking. Nowadays, as Italian citizen I am able to lead simultaneously with both cultures. A turning point in my decision to embark also on the career as an art dealer was definitely caused by the invitation to expose oil paintings at Millennium 3 Gallery (La biennale di Venezia 2013) and Arte Laguna in 2012, when I realized that the chances to develop a bridge between two countries (The Academy of Art of Transylvania) was absolutely necessary as I understood that, digital art doesn’t completely satisfy the taste of many galleries. I would like to extend the field of our interests to poetry and literature and to rise the value of the Venetian brand DA MAI SIN 1979 to the pure expression of interculturalism.

Monica Ghit joined Licensing on July 5th, 2012.