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Learn more about Mel Steinhauer from Erlanger, KY - United States.

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My love for photography began as a boy when I was taught the basics by my father. During a tour of duty with an Army Combat K9 unit in Vietnam, I bought a professional model Nikon camera and dreamed of becoming an artistic photographer when I returned home. A family of my own and a new career put that dream on hold, but I have always enjoyed photography as an art form. Then, after surviving another kind of war with cancer back in 1997, I began to really see the beauty in our world.

Ever since then I have been inspired with a new awareness of life and an improved photographic vision. This has compelled me to find beautiful scenes wherever I go and to share my favorite creations with others who may not have the time or ability do so. In 2006 I finally realized my dream from so long ago and began selling my art locally. Later in 2009, I established my online galleries here with Fine Art America. While continuing to travel, improve techniques, obtain new equipment and add to my ever-increasing collections of art on display here; my art has now been purchased by collectors all throughout the United States as well as in 10 other countries.

Although I am no longer a young man, my passion for this art form grows, so I will continue to create and share my art with others for as long as I am able to do so.

NOTE: The 'fineartamerica' watermark at the bottom right of each image WILL NOT appear on any purchased product. I have created all of my favorite Scenes From Far And Near images from my original photographs taken on location, by adding digital enhancements, textures, painterly style brush strokes or other effects. These effects and image details will become more visible by clicking inside the green magnifier square as the cursor is placed over the image. All images on my pages here are Copyright Mel Steinhauer with all rights reserved. Unauthorized use, alteration, copying, or publishing in any form of media without my written permission in advance is prohibited by U.S. and International Copyright Laws. Exclusive or limited rights for authorized use may only be obtained by an email to me directly through the contact link above or on the left.

Mel Steinhauer joined Licensing on July 4th, 2009.