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Learn more about M Spadecaller from Clearwater, FL - United States.

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Spadecaller (Matthew Schwartz) is the pseudonym he uses for his visual art and video creations.
In the late fifties at eight years old, Spadecaller started formal training in traditional oil painting. Through considerable personal sacrifice, his mother nurtured his artistic talents and provided him with the tools to launch his creative journey. Spadecaller attended The School of Visual Arts in New York City (1970-71), and during the 70's up until the late 80's, he exhibited acrylic and oils in Montreal and New York. Due to the onset of chronic illness in the late nineties and with the advent of image editing software, he turned to creating digital hand painted images and photographic art - fusing these into an art form worthy of the same gratification that he had once found in oils. Enjoy the art of Spadecaller.

M Spadecaller joined Pixels.com Licensing on May 6th, 2011.