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Learn more about Karen Casey-Smith from Hoffman Estates - United States.

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My Flower Mandalas and photography are about light and energy. Capturing the peace and perfection present in all things is my focus. My hope is that each viewer will experience a connection to the spirit, the truest essence, of my subjects, and this in turn will assist them in connecting to their own peace and perfection.

I came to photography with a background in art, and a long time interest in healing and energy work. I am a Tai Chi player, and use Reiki, Qigong, Chios, Seichim, Donna Eden's Energy Medicine plus other energy healing systems learned along the way. All of these things influence and infuse my work.

The flower mandalas are created from my own photographs. Each has its own vibrational frequency, and radiate healing energy. All of my work is uplifting in nature.

all the best,

Karen Casey-Smith joined Pixels.com Licensing on April 26th, 2012.