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Learn more about Jonny Jelinek from Cala Blanca, Menorca - Spain.

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Welcome to the Artistic & Mindful Photography of Jonny Jelinek!
Born in Vienna and growing up having a childhood that I'd describe as 'creative', it didn't take long until I discovered something that would set my dream to become an artist in some sort of way, or at least to earn money with a passion, something that I really LOVE doing. After moving to my first own apartment in the year 2000, including a small balcony overlooking the city, I remember sitting there at the end of each day, watching the sun setting above the danube canal, right behind the small 'mountains' that surround the capital of Austria, just beeing in awe for the spectacular colors and that soothing light.
Driven by the wish of wanting to capture those special moments and the joyful feeling I had, it just naturally led me to photography and the endless creative possibilites of this visual artform. What started out as a passion instantly grew into a full blown addiction, when I received my first DSLR camera (a Nikon D100) from my father and got hooked to HDR photography (a photographic technique that nowadays can be done with 1 click, back then it sometimes took me a full night until it had the look I was searching for).
I never needed another hobby since and spent almost all my free time with taking pictures, turning them into artworks and unknowingly setting the base for a life, where photography would become even more than just a fling... Living a typical successful but stressful citylife, I decided in the winter of 2017 that it's time to change something, so I took my camera and my girlfriend, left my old life behind and moved to the beautiful balearic island of Menorca, where I'm now trying to turn my biggest passion into a profession. You'll see how this will turn out in 2018 - as of right now, 'this journey is 1% finished'... :)

So, at the moment I'm in the middle of going through my old archive from 2007 - 2011 (my wild and creative 'early years'), before I'll continue with my most recent photos (the more realistic, mindful and more 'classic' photographies). If you're interested in seeing some images from that paradisiac island, for example, just follow me and you'll soon be in for a real visual treat! :)

P.S.: Although I've lived almost a year in England as a kid, had english classes in school growing up in Vienna and spending some time in New York to study english in my twenties, I'm no native speaker - so, in case you find any spelling mistakes in my descriptions, just let me know via message or comment and I'll be more than happy to correct them. :)

[More photos and infos coming soon right here and on my webite]

Jonny Jelinek joined Licensing on November 24th, 2017.