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Learn more about Jean Tippens from Holiday, FL - United States.

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Jeans earliest inspiration in the world of art was her Mother who was also an artist. Even today, she still takes advise from her mother on a multitude of challenges and is thankful she is a part of her life. As a teen, Jean loved school and always looked forward to Art class. When she was sixteen her art teacher entered a few pieces of Jeans work in an art show in a nearby town. Then, she helped her get a scholarship. Jean went on to study technical drafting and architecture until 1994. She continued to practice and add to her technique that she had picked up throughout the years, taking time to be a mom herself to three wonderful boys and a lovely daughter. In 2009, Jean became a Nursing Assistant as a main source of employment.
In her early 30's Jeans husband encouraged her to try out photography by giving her a Nikon camera as a birthday gift. She immediately took to the little camera adding it to her tools for creating art. Jean enjoys challenging herself by learning and practicing often to add to her technique and style. Often when she gets stumped by something she will step back and take a break from one painting or project and work on another. Her work is as eclectic as her personality. Someone once told her she needed to find a knack and stick to it. 'Why eat one jellybean when you can try them all?' she replied. She finds beauty in life all around her on a daily basis and it shows in her creations.
Her love for people, color and nature mixed with her interests of architecture,culture,mythology,science,and history can be found in her work. Jean uses different media such as acrylic,oil,ink,watercolor,charcoal, and pastels. She also uses photography and digital art from day to day in her work. Jean uses archival quality materials and finishes her paintings with a coat of professional artist quality varnish to protect her paintings from UV light and other elements.
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