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About Richard Hoedl

Learn more about Richard Hoedl from Nanaimo, BC - Canada.

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Richard Hoedl was born, raised, and half educated in the frozen swamp-land of northern Alberta. He was drawn to British Columbia by its beauty in 1991.

Richard is a West Coast artist, who creates original hand-painted oil paintings inspired by the Canadian landscape, as well as a unique line or figurative nudes etched into textured plaster surfaces that resemble sketches drawn in the days of the Renaissance.

The series of impressionistic landscape works are inspired by the Group of Seven, Emily Carr and Dr Seuss. The images are filled with the feeling of movement and activity, yet are calm and dream-like to view. This work of art will be relaxing and enjoyable for years to come.

Both academically trained and self-taught through years of personal creativity and development. He has shown his art from coast to coast in solo and group exhibitions. His works, highly prized by collectors, are held in personal and corporate collections around the world.

'I am pleased to be able to make my art available to people all over the world and I am really excited by the prospects of thousands of people being able to view my work and have it hanging in their homes. If art is not appreciated it is not much good to anyone! Least of all me!

Check out my works posted here in my Gallery and some of my collection of original work.

Richard Hoedl
Art Guy

Richard Hoedl joined Licensing on June 1st, 2009.