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I started drawing at 11 years of age, I remember in during the 5th grade, I had a thing for airplanes that i drew for most of the time until the 6th grade. I started drawing Firetrucks because i had a sparked interest of a Television series called 'Emergency' which the small Dodge rescue vehicle from the show became the subject on the back of my notebooks. I would draw it with Black or Blue Pens, then would eventually draw cars in side view one dimensional forms. Automobiles drew my attention a lot, because of their lines, they were stylish, so i would try drawing them. My Dad liked Buick automobiles, and i remember he wanted to eventually buy one so he would bring home the Brochures from the Dealerships, and when he wasn't looking through them, i would take one to try drawing some of the cars. My drawings weren't as good as some of my classmates in school, but i found interest in it, and wanted to keep doing it, so a lot of practice, patience, willingness, and advice to learn went into pursuing the craft i so much desired.

As a teenager, I took a interest at Art during the 8th Grade, art teachers did take notice in my class projects, and side drawings,so they showed encouragement towards me to keep going. My guidance councilors by the 9th Grade started to enroll me into a higher learning towards art classes that helped me learn better drawing forms like Perspective, and had a couple classmates who i would draw with in my free time, to practice, and they would show me more on what i wanted to learn from them which i didn't learn from Class. As i continued to grow, I learned from one friend who i met in High School who remains a close friend of mine to this current day, showed me drawing perspectives with custom vans, and cars during my 10th Grade year. My 10th grade art teacher gave me much support, and suggested that i go into graphic design. My Guidance Councilor suggested that i try a Boces training course school for Commercial Art. I did very well with it with A honors, but did not pursue a career into it because, i did not feel ready for it.

About 5 years later, I took up drafting, and Architectural design for 2 years and succeeded the training, but felt it wasn't something i wanted to pursue, though i learned a great deal of measuring, and drawing straight lines which you may see in my work. I did join a few other Art Associations, but my most involvement was with a Art group called the Long Island Black Artist Association from a reference my neighbor gave me. I showed art work with them around Long Island, and through the boroughs of New York for 10 years. I learned a great deal from many artist, and made friends with a few that were a part of the group receiving recognition awards at museums, and other activity gatherings throughout. I also did about 20 solo exhibitions around Long Island, New York, and throughout the City. My mediums; Watercolors, Acrylics, Tempera, Pastels, Charcoals, Markers, Drafting pencil for Fine Line Drawing, Inks, Color Pencils, H, and B drawing pencils.

I went on to getting my Associate's degree for Graphic Design, and i continue to draw and paint, though i know i have so much further to go. I have received other recognition awards and a ribbon from the National Arts Program that took place in Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, in Atlanta, Georgia in 2012, and showed again in 2016. This Program takes place around the Country. I also was a Arts Day Volunteer at Evoline C.West Elementary school in Fairburn, Georgia and showed my work with about 60 students range from the ages of 6 years to 10 years old and demonstrated my emotions of drawing to the audio voice presentation of Peter and The Wolf in 2014. It was a surprising experience, and looking forward with more opportunities to continue with my craft. My love for turned into a passion to create, and Illustrate different subjects on love, still life, Landscapes, Seascapes, Classics Automobiles, and Muscle Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, of the past and present. I would say my dream is to illustrate for books and magazines, also to teach young children about the basics, and expressions in drawing. My Inspiration to continue also comes from the talent of many Artist from this site that i find amazing. My work is also followed on Twitter, and a Facebook page called Henry Hargrove Jr. Art.The page features some of my artworks in Before and After photos.Thank you for your time, support, and interest towards my Artwork!

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