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Learn more about Hazel Billingsley from Cypress, TX - United States.

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Photography is the stuff that dreams are made of - for me. Have been involved in it off & on for about 38 years. I feel lost if I don't have a camera in my hand. I shoot everything & anything that stirs my imagination. I love playing in Photoshop & am trying my hand at Corel Painter. Photography is the love of my life - everything I think & feel comes through my images in some shape, way or form.

I very much care about the world around me. I see so many things wrong that touch me deeply. Animals play a big part in my life. They have always shown me unconditional love & loyalty. I take care of feral cats that were left behind by a neighbor, I cannot stand by while some living creature suffers when I can do something about it. It is challenging & costly but I do what I can. The world is a beautiful place - it is humanity that shows very little respect for life & our planet!

Originally from London, England. I moved here in 1972. I have lived on Guam, Abilene Texas & spent a couple of years in S. Dakota (now that was some cold winters). My home is now in Cypress, Texas.

I hope you find something here in my images that you like!

Hazel Billingsley joined Pixels.com Licensing on July 14th, 2012.