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Learn more about Glenn DiPaola from Fort Mohave, AZ - United States.

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I attended the University of Rhode Island where I studied photography under Bart Parker. I graduated with a BFA in fine art photography and a minor in communications. College was always b&w work, hand-processed in the dark room, using many different cameras. It was great fun.

After college I worked in the photo-finishing business for many years as well as doing commercial photography. In the 80's I started to shoot only color for my artwork and never returned to the world of black & white - until 2014. I started converting my color digital images to black and white whenever I saw them as intended for bw. I believe the eye you started with does not go away. With my newest Fujifilm digital cameras, I am shooting for b&w and color, aware of the differences, and that has been a great experience.

My personal photography is usually reactive. I set out with an open mind and see what presents itself to me. It's how I learn about the world and myself. I hope you enjoy the variety of images I have posted.

With the exception of the images in my Large Scale Graphic collection, my images are usually offered 1-3 three sizes less than the maximum allowed by the printing technology specifications. For example, the preview image you see when using the magnification option is what it could look like at 36 x 36 inches but I may only offer that image at 20 x 20 maximum. I do this in order to ensure a high quality print that buyers will be happy with. Please keep that in mind when viewing the magnification. I have had no returns on my sales. I find great happiness in knowing that my images are on walls around the country, enjoyed by people that felt a connection to a particular image, and hopefully shared with friends and family.

All images are copyrighted; property of Glenn DiPaola. All The materials contained may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or downloaded. All rights are reserved. Copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these images without my written permission is strictly prohibited.

Glenn DiPaola joined Licensing on April 20th, 2013.