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About Gina O'Brien

Learn more about Gina O'Brien from Saint Augustine, FL - United States.

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Gina Rene' O'Brien (b.1963) is a fine art photographer drawing inspiration from the work of artists such as John Gutmann, Laurie Simmons, and Hugh Edwards. She grew up in an artistic family with her mother being a published watercolor artist, so she was surrounded by art from an early age. Her first venture into the public art world was as a texture artist creating textures on commission for videogames where she immersed herself in the emotional feeling and design of raw textures which help shape whole worlds of fantasy and imagination. From there she transitioned into her main love and focus of fine art photography. Gina gives us glimpses of spirit and energy of the world around us by depicting artistic aspects which generally go unseen or noticed as we journey through our everyday lives. Her main fine art photography mediums are watercolor photography, HDR photography, black and white photography, and figurative abstract photography; working to find emotional elements in photos to bring to our attention. She shines a light on artistic emotional beauty and connects us to the natural energy encircling our world. Through her fine art photography, Gina's intent is to draw you into a connection with the mysterious spirit of nature, creativity, perspective, and subconscious.

Gina O'Brien joined Licensing on March 3rd, 2017.