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Learn more about Frantz Cialec from Paris, I - France.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of my collections

Thank you for taking the time to stop here.

Designing is about telling new stories.
I love to tell unusual, funny and sparkling stories, and to put them on stage ... I am in a joyful and positive mood, I like to laugh and make people laugh
with the tragedy caused by the pandemic linked to the coronavirus, how lucky are the survivors to be still alive and in excellent health?

Here you will find original and unique works conceived and imagined for you, from a concept that is dear to me:
globality, which is based on unity in diversity.

Yes, my art is global, because in the context of my activity as a designer, altruism, humor, health, yoga, relaxation, spirituality, dietetics, cooking, sports, martial arts, calisthenics, medicine, the mineral world, the plant world, the animal world, sculpture, architecture, music, textures, colors and smells, speak to me either in turn or together.
My artistic expression ignores limits: I stay connected to the primary deep source of humanity, respecting and loving the different cultures as well as the primitive civilizations, is for me an evidence.
I am a mystical and spiritual human being passionate about life, who draws his inspiration from his environment and from the love and respect of the human race.
I like to stop in the middle of a big forest, to sit quietly on a bench right next to my bike, to let myself be invaded by the soft symphony sung by the birds. It gives me an unsuspected sense of well-being and it can become an excellent source of inspiration!
I consider my art to be my first doctor.
A few years ago, I had serious health problems, I followed a strict plant-based diet combined with a daily sport practice, after a few months I lost 20 kg!
Since then I have regained my health, got rid of my car and adopted cycling as my daily mode of transportation.
Five years ago, I discovered the ketogenic diet associated with intermittent fasting. Now for over 4 years, I only need to eat once every 24 hours, and it helps me tremendously to improve my energy level to move forward with my projects.
I must say that throughout my therapeutic journey, my art has helped me tremendously! I can even say, that Art has saved my life many times!
The deep roots of my art as a designer are based on the notion of aesthetics, balance, authenticity and harmony.
I try to stay as faithful as possible to these principles, in order to deliver the best professional service!
In the conception of my designs, I always try to innovate, to invent what does not exist yet... because I am an innovative artist.
So through my work, I try to break down walls to build bridges between elements that seem to be different at first glance, but which are complementary. It's all a matter of looking and feeling.
My ultimate goal is to surprise you, to amaze you and to wake you up to yourself!

We are not on earth by chance. Our life path is an unique and initiatory path, which invites us to learn about ourselves and to learn from each other.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.
Thank you for your visit and see you soon!

New works are added regularly to my collections, you are always welcome!

Frantz Cialec joined Licensing on July 1st, 2020.