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Learn more about Ed Warick from Sault Ste. Marie, ON - Canada.

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Hello, my name is Ed, and I am a computer technician, ex 80's drummer, digital artist specializing in Photoshop, photography and my latest passion QR Code Art. I live in beautiful Ontario Canada. I am very fortunate to live here as it offers awesome Canadian scenery in both summer and the sometimes very cold winter months.

If your wondering what QR Code Art is....well QR Code ( Quick Response Code ) is one of the most popular types of 2 dimensional bar-codes. They are everywhere these days and I'm sure you have already seen them, all you need is one of the free scanning apps that are available free to scan the code. These codes can do many interesting things; like display text on your smartphone or tablet, take you to a web site or a YouTube video plus many more.....Lately I have been combining my photography and QR Codes together, its pretty cool. I call my QR Code Art 'Interactive', because once you scan the QR Code it does something....

I had my work shown in my local Art Gallery, local exhibits, web sites and my work has been featured a number of times online in e-magazines and recently featured on SOOTODAY.com my local City Web site: http://www.sootoday.com/content/news/details.asp?c=62955

I also have been featured on the arts Council of sault Ste. Marie and District, The #QRchat Mobile Exchange Daily , MR. DIY arts and crafts Daily, QRevolution – Rise of the #QRCode, The QR Code Times, #Geeks #UNITE, ódigos QR al descubierto, QR Codes & NFCs, NDial Mobile Tagging News, The QR Coder’s Daily, Nerdy and Hot Off the Press, QRCodeScripts, qrdreams news, as well as others.

I really appreciate you taking the time to read about me and my art!

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Ed Warick joined Pixels.com Licensing on January 7th, 2014.