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Learn more about Dubi Roman from Tel Aviv, IL - Israel.

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About me
I was born in Haifa in 1957. The Roman family had lived in the holy city of Safed for five generations and my art is deeply rooted in my family's spiritual history and geographical location.
In trying to capture not only the play of light in the fields and forests and the shimmering images of the physical landscape, my work also suggests a different and deeper light. The stretches of wild flowers in the woods and the dark trunks of the trees are suffused with a more mysterious light, a spiritual radiance emanating from nature.
Although I live in Tel Aviv, Israel's most urban city, I constantly look to nature for artistic sustenance, searching among Israel's landscape of trees, fields and flowers.
For years I have been enamored of French Impressionism and particularly love Claude Monet's way of seeing the world. I started to search for ways to enrich my viewers' senses and to present the experience of nature in a variety of spheres. I developed my unique style of Impressionistic Photography after experimenting with a number of photographic techniques. My impressionistic images are created totally in the field, working with nothing but my old Nikon film camera, using no filters nor computer manipulation.
In 2009, I entered the world of digital photography and today my main tools are Nikon full frame DSLR cameras, array of lenses and other equipment.
Presently I teach Nature/Art photography workshops for small groups of creative photographers and offer private lessons for talented individuals. I also offer a lecture describing my unique technique of Impressionist Photography.
I worked at Israel Educational Television from 1983 until its closing in 2018.
I am married with three boys and live in the center of Tel Aviv.

Dubi Roman joined Pixels.com Licensing on September 28th, 2010.