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Learn more about Dominique Fortier from Quebec - Canada.

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For Canadian and Quebec customers: There is a Print-On-Demand Manufacturing Location in TORONTO, Canada, that delivers the following products (prints, posters, canvas prints, framed prints) throughout Canada, so you save on shipping costs (you see your order in Canadian money), and it speeds up delivery times.
To Quebec and/or Francophone customers/aficionados/boutique owners GREETING CARD BUYERS/RETAILERS: Almost all of my artworks come bilingual in the following format: French Title / English Title (the actual 'Artwork Name' that will appear printed in bold face at the back of each Greeting Card). The exact correctly spelled/written title in French, that is WITHOUT CAPS ALL OVER (e.g. articles, etc.), can be seen under the thumbnails in the 'Images' tab/section. So don't hesitate to buy and offer my cards, as they are FREE of mistakes (I am a French Editor, and I worked several years in a bilingual publishing environment (English-French / French-English) as an in-house French Editor at the Canadian Museum of History (former Canadian Museum of Civilization) - the most visited museum in Canada -, located in the Ottawa region, CANADA).

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Welcome on my page. I am marvelled at the smallest beautiful thing I see. First, my eyes see, simply. Then it progresses (sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly) deeply into my soul, touches me, fills me with wonder, and makes me react. It creates memories and feelings that make my life happy.

I began several years ago to paint watercolor, this medium being convenient while travelling, as well as shooting photos.

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To see, shop and buy my extra products like round beach towels, beach towels, beach sheets, weekender tote bags, cary-all pouches, portable battery chargers, go to:
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Dominique Fortier joined Licensing on December 31st, 2014.