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Dee Browning - Artist

About Dee Browning

Learn more about Dee Browning from Tri-Cities, TN - United States.

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Here you will find no mention of my accomplishments for they are the past, nor will you find mention of my goals as an artist/photographer for that is in the future. Instead you will see the results of time spent in the moment, a Zen Moment, where one becomes aware of one's surroundings, whether those surroundings are of nature or made by man. A moment of quiet thought that produces a feeling of well-being. A moment spent appreciating the simplistic beauty of a complex setting.

When time is taken to meditate, clearing mind of clutter, it heightens awareness in one's surroundings.I find practice in patience, while studying the fall of the ambient light on a subject can be enlightening. A study of texture and color will reveal a pattern worthy of capturing or re-creating. Nature's creatures become known when one relinquishes stress for stress is something they fear. Observing others, enlightens one in the diversity of the human race and an acceptance of. Spending time with a child instills in us the importance of retaining our ability to discover, learn and dream. I refer to these moments as 'Participating In The Art Of Being'. Gone are the obstacles one encounters as they travel life's path. A spa for the mind. Eye candy for the soul.

Dee Browning, photographer/artist.

Dee Browning joined Licensing on July 19th, 2012.