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Learn more about Cassie Sears from Valley Center, CA - United States.

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I am a prophetic artist. I paint the dreams and visions the Lord has given me. With the help of Holy Spirit I paint. Sometimes not seeing everything hidden within my paintings. Hearing people tell me what they see and me seeing it through their eyes. When I first started painting, I thought it was just for the Body of Christ. To bring them closer to Heavenly Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. But I am finding my painting are drawing people who have been hurt by the Church. People who know nothing of Christ. People who know when they look at my paintings they can feel the love of the Father, the acceptance through the Son and the Power of Holy Spirit. That moment of pure JOY. And desiring more of Him. Feeling His loving arms around them.

I want you to know that every person that has viewed my paintings, you are in my prayers. I pray that as you look at my paintings you feel the healing anointing, the breaker anointing. I declare in Jesus Name that you are healed emotionally, physically and mentally. That every demonic influence is gone, never to return! Holy Spirit!, come, fill the empty places. Pouring Love, Joy and peace into you! In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

I see God moving across the deserts from Mount Sinai. His brilliant splendor fills the earth and sky; His glory fills the heavens, and the earth is full of His praise! What a wonderful God He is! From His hands flash rays of brilliant light. He rejoices in His awesome power. Habakkuk 3:3-4

Cassie Sears joined Licensing on September 26th, 2012.