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Learn more about Carol Daniel Faust from Freeport, NY - United States.

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I am a self-taught Artist and Photographer who was born in the United States Virgin Islands on the beautiful Island of St.Thomas.

Growing up around vivid colors of flowering trees, the view of the Caribbean Sea wherever you went and beautiful Beaches were permanently etched into my soul and I believe, created my love for beauty in all forms of life. I love the outdoors and capturing as much beauty as I possibly can.

If my work uplifts others, this makes me happy and pushes me to continue challenging myself to fulfill what I am passionate about. Life presents a changing tapestry each day, we just need to look, listen, filter out the noise, and see what was always in plain sight.

The goal with my membership to FINE ART AMERICA where my work is held and processed by the best in the business enables me through my website to offer my work with a variety of options to the buyer.

Carol Daniel Faust joined Licensing on January 12th, 2019.