Cacio Murilo De Vasconcelos - Artist

About Cacio Murilo De Vasconcelos

Learn more about Cacio Murilo De Vasconcelos from Joao Pessoa, PB - Brazil.

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Photography has been part of Cacio Murilo's life since his childhood, influenced by his parents who were also photographers.

In 1993, he set up his first studio in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil. In 1995, he went to New York, where he studied and interned at ICP - International Center of Photography.

It currently has an image bank with more than 30 thousand photographs and serves customers from all over the country. His talent combined with a deep technical knowledge, made him a respected professional, working in the areas of artistic photography, advertising, people, architecture, fashion, gastronomy, hospitality, industry, off road, among others.

For this biologist graduated from the Federal University of Paraiba, photographing nature and its charms is no longer just a profession and becomes one of the preferred subjects for developing his personal work.

For him, work should not be just the result of a need, but a permanent source of pleasure and learning that accompanies man throughout his existence.


The challenge of using only vegetables to portray the animal kingdom, is actually an exercise in perception, creativity and memory, where I bring up images from photo books about the fauna of different regions of the world that as a child enchanted me. As well as documentaries shown on television about life on the planet, which were also part of my childhood and today inspire me to produce this work of art.

With a keen eye on vegetable forms, I seek through this work to draw attention to the fact that life on the planet is one. The animal and plant kingdoms blend and create hybrid beings in a unique universe that defies perception. An inattentive look can easily be deceived, as I seek to highlight Lavoisier's maxim, where 'In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed.'

Cacio Murilo De Vasconcelos joined Licensing on April 15th, 2020.