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About Widder Street Gallery

Learn more about Widder Street Gallery from Milton, ON - Canada.

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Who is Widder Street Gallery?
Widder Street gallery had its humble beginning in 2009. This Canadian-owned and operated company started simply as a hobby. Bill and Tammy Kilborn found themselves exploring their common interest and passion for art in their retirement. After a number of years travelling to art schools throughout Canada and the United States where they expanded their artistic skills under different teachers, they accumulated a number of pieces of art.
When not travelling, they ended up setting up a studio space in their home town of St. Marys Ontario. Now with a store front their art garnered attention from local customers as well as tourists to the area. Through various connections some of their art has been displayed in the Toronto market as well. Still, running a retail store in their retirement was not apart of a bigger plan. Although the local store front was closed in 2014, they continued to paint.
The other half of the story revolves around Bill and Tammy's son- Bryson Kilborn who also shared his parents interest in art. Bryson who lived in Mississauga at the time that his parents closed their local studio also in his spare time painted. Between the three of them a large collection of original art took shape. It became obvious that they needed to expose their art to broader audience. Thus in 2016, Widder Street Gallery online store was launched.


Widder Street Gallery joined Pixels.com Licensing on November 11th, 2019.