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Learn more about Bruce Bley from Sterling, Il - United States.

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Hello my name is Bruce Bley. I am a retired art instructor. I taught in a public high school for 35 years. I enjoyed teaching students and helping them develop their own style of work. Now during my retirement I am pursuing my own passion for creating artwork. I enjoy working from nature. As an artist I want to capture the beauty of what nature has to offer. Too often in our society people don't take the time to stop and see what nature has to offer. It can be as simple as the color of a flower, the veins of a petal, and the beauty of it's stamen and pistils. I have created works of fish, flowers, animals, and nature in general to give a person the opportunity to see nature close-up. I am an avid photographer and many of my drawings come from the inspirations I get in my photos. The following artwork, photos, and blogs are examples of my work. I hope you enjoy my works and will share them with others.

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Bruce Bley joined Licensing on March 26th, 2011.