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Learn more about Ankya Klay from Byron Bay, NSW - Australia.

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Hello there!

Art Prints

I live now in Australia...having gradually migrated south from Norway, the UK and Switzerland! My images reflect a love affair with the Australian land and recently a return to Europe too. I hope you enjoy them and find inspiration for you...!

I love taking photos as it's like a form of meditation for me to BE in Nature... behind the lens of my camera. I enter a magical world of connection and the more I stay open to my surroundings, the more I seem to 'see'…it's like a love dance with the environment. Suddenly a magical portal seems to open....then what is revealed through the camera lens is an image that seems to have always existed somewhere deep inside my heart and now we have met once again...

That's why I love to take photos and share them with you.

And if you decide to purchase a print or some cards from me, that would be wonderful too ! 


Ankya Klay joined Licensing on February 24th, 2013.