Anil Sethi - Artist

About Anil Sethi

Learn more about Anil Sethi from Pune, Maharastra - India.

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I live in the city of Pune in western India. As every child I was always mesmerised by fairy tales and science fiction. Those lands of fantasy and otherworldly beauty still fill me with wonder and amazement. I always wanted to create those imaginary worlds and exotic lands.
I was trained as a filmmaker and later developed a passion for surreal tri dimensional animations. We all know that these animations are created frame by frame. I realized that each frame I created, could be a piece of art! Thus I began on a journey of surrealism, fantasy and alien landscapes. I hope to impart the same feeling of exhilaration that I feel creating these works to those who happen to look at them. I never had a formal training in arts but passion can replace it anytime I feel.

Anil Sethi joined Licensing on May 21st, 2021.