Andrea Cole - Artist

About Andrea Cole

Learn more about Andrea Cole from Penetanguishene, ON - Canada.

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I started painting sometime near the dawn of the millennium, on the advice of a terrible psychic who gave me a reading that alternated between deeply unsettling and wildly inaccurate. Nestled deep within was the suggestion that I would be well-considered to take up painting. I should be painting, the psychic said.

Why wouldn't I take the advice of a terrible psychic? I purchased some brushes and paints and figured 'Heck, Why Not?' Since then, I have been honing my craft in the versatile and wildly forgiving acrylic medium.
My inspirations include popular music and concept albums, my offspring, petty vandalism, crumbling architecture, fat bodies, and sunsets. So many sunsets.

Andrea Cole joined Licensing on February 1st, 2016.