Abbie Loyd Kern - Artist

About Abbie Loyd Kern

Learn more about Abbie Loyd Kern from Topeka, KS - United States.

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My Nikon camera(s) & admittedly an iPhone follows me everywhere...I shoot daily.
I like working with wildlife, water reflections, light & color the best & enjoy the art of processing immensely - I love abstract art using the camera to capture the foundation of the piece.

Education & Experience: I graduated from Washburn University in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative & Performing Arts with emphasis in English Literature & Dance. My jobs have involved visual language for over 25 years.

I restore old houses for a living. This requires great attention to details, especially the smallest ones. Just like taking a photograph or creating a painting, I focus on my point of view. Light, color & texture are three critical elements within each of my pieces.

I am the daughter of a professional photo-journalist. My Dad is 89 years old. He is still the best & most important teacher I've ever had & I suspect, he will always be until the end of me. I dedicate most all my work to him & I attribute my love of nature & animals to my Mother. I study piano & seek my personal truth through making art & music & through nature.

Abbie Loyd Kern joined Licensing on June 6th, 2013.