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About Nicole Anderson

Learn more about Nicole Anderson from New Port Richey, Florida - United States.

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I am an amateur photographer who is still stuck in the age of 35 mm Camera's and slide photography. Photography has always been something that I do on my off time, it is like a release to take pictures of wild animals in their element. I started when I was very young with the 110 camera, then the Polaroid and eventually moved up to the 35 mm. I eventually want to get a digital camera, as I do love the fact that you can digitally enhance your photographs. There is a lot for me to learn about the digital age in photographs and look forward to learning about it. I was active duty Air Force for 4 years from 1991-1995, have worked as a paralegal for many years and still do while I am also a Reservist in the US Navy, and hoping to retire in about three and a half years.

Nicole Anderson joined Licensing on December 30th, 2015.