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Learn more about Veronica Jane from Baldwin City, KS - United States.

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I am a self taught artist who privately has practiced different mediums and arts and crafts as long as I can remember. Like most of us being a mother, wife and everyday life always came before my passion for art, but art has remained a part of me and brings me much joy to create. Being a mother of 8 children life was busy! Later in life my husband and I owned an antique store. The store was the first public creative outlet I had experienced and the experience was good. I however have never believed in my heart that being an artist would feed the kids, I never thought of it as a 'real job', but that store sure did make me dream about it!

Suddenly life took a turn... I was diagnosed with a chronic illness, suffered loss I had never imagined. I sold the store and my entire life changed in seconds. Art became my escape....

In June 2014 after the devastating loss of my 17 year old son, art surfaced as not only an escape from the constant pain, but as a therapy for healing, expressing the grief in some pieces, grasping for hope in others. The art poured out of me and in the form of mixed media. In a sort of example of my 'mixed' emotions I suppose. I had never really practiced mixed media before but found it to be freeing to use so many of the mediums I enjoyed in one piece of art. In my grief I was raw with emotion but completely open as well. I found myself sharing publicly my thoughts in word as well as with my art on social media which had always been private to me in the past.

I have learned so much on this journey, the loss has changed my perspective on what a 'real job' is, how life should be lived, that no gift should be wasted and we may not have tomorrow. I hope you are inspired by my art, by any art, by everyday!

Veronica Jane joined Licensing on September 8th, 2015.