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Mike Lee - Artist

Mike Lee

Learn more about Mike Lee from Janesville, CA - United States.

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First of all, thank you for stopping by my little gallery. Whether you're a fellow artist, potential buyer, or a casual observer, I'm glad something made you want to take a look at my work.

I've appreciated fine photography of all types for as long as I remember. I suspect it is at least partially hereditary as my parents met while each was involved in photographic pursuits for the US Navy (mom in the darkroom and dad in the field). Since my first instant film camera as an adolescent, I've always had a passion for photography and a real appreciation for what goes in to making a truly fine image.

In 2018 I was able to retire from a professional career that provided a good livelihood for my family but, if I'm honest, left much to be desired as far as fueling the creative fire. I've heard it said that one should retire TO something rather than just FROM something to stay healthy, both physically and emotionally. Therefore, since my retirement I've chosen photographic art as that all too crucial next chapter.

The majority of my work is landscape and wildlife images as I love the wonderful solitude that only nature can provide. Whether a great image comes from it or not, I feel truly blessed any time I'm able to observe a majestic scene unfold before me. Most of what I do is in Lassen and Plumas Counties of northern California, near my home, but I like to travel when I can and look forward to seeing, and hopefully capturing, beauty far and wide.

Thanks again for stopping by! I hope you found something to enjoy in my portfolio! Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or want to discuss anything relative to my work.

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Mike Lee joined Licensing on January 28th, 2020.