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About Viktor Wallon-Hars

Learn more about Viktor Wallon-Hars from Sopron, Gyor Moson Sopron - Hungary.

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I am Viktor Wallon-Hars (or simply wahavi), a photographer who loves finding beauty in small details, finding a reason for every strange phenomenon to exist. My photos show this in different ways.

I started a Bible quote collection where I search for the clear and figurative connection between the strong sentences and the subject of the image. Sometimes I refer to different meanings of a highlighted word.

The collection of Matchbox Yesteryear cars contains monochrome photos with the original car emblem text and the year of production. I chose b&w to emphasize the tiny details of these fantastic scale models that are photographed from interesting, sometimes unusual angle.

My grandfather, Gyorgy (George) Hars, was an architect, working mostly locally in Sopron, Hungary. He was a great artist too, so his artwork has been digitalized and made his wonderful paintings and drawings available here. The collections are from 1938 and 1955.

My home town is Sopron, located on the most western border of Hungary, just beside the foot of the Alps. A collection of the finest details of this treasury Medieval and Baroque town is also available here.

All these items, and more can be seen on my Artist Website here:

Viktor Wallon-Hars joined Licensing on April 24th, 2020.