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Learn more about Robert Prusso jr from Butuan, Caraga - Philippines.

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PG REPRODUCTIONS, Fine Art Prints on Demand, offers the very finest masterpiece reproductions, excellent gifts for all occasions. The why and wherefore of art reproductions: How are the arts in all its forms and fancies to make friends with the working multitude? National galleries and museums sheltering the best, or municipal ones sheltering the rest, are not much good to those passing through their corridors. For the first they rarely go near them; or if they do they stiffen themselves into another being as they stroll among the elegant halls to see the wonders. Perhaps they have had no introduction to the masterpieces through home, school, or church. Every phase of art has its judges; every artist his applauding clique. However the arts are for everybody, like the golden poppies on the hillside not just for the few. They should become, in some form or another common in an uncommon way in home, school or wherever man sits to ponder them. They should be brought among the people so all may become familiar with them, for familiarity breeds, not contempt, but a liking. Because the Muses cannot be bound, nor anyone can change what the muses sing or say.

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Robert Prusso jr joined Licensing on January 15th, 2012.