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Learn more about Jim Fitzpatrick from South San Francisco, CA - United States.

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Jim Fitzpatrick, United States

Jim is a self-taught artist and photographer, selected by Art Tour International as one of the Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019! He was also selected by Art Tour International as one of the Top 20 Fine Art Photographers for 2017!

Over the years Jim has held a wide variety of jobs and experiences. Shortly after high school, while attending SF State in 1978, Jim became the photographer for the professional wrestling promotion which regularly held events at the Cow Palace by San Francisco. Shortly after that he started training to skate professional Roller Derby which was one of his passions. Originally Jim was hired in 1978 to work on the track crew which set up the large, portable banked track they skated on. In 1980 he became a professional skater for the World Champion San Francisco Bay Bombers and skated in some amazing places like the Cow Palace and as far away as Buenos Aires, Argentina and Tokyo Japan.

During his skating days Jim also worked part time at a health club as a fitness instructor and even worked for a house painter. Jim then became certified in shiatsu massage after shoulder injuries ended his skating career. Still wanting to be involved with Roller Derby he became a referee and in 1987 performed Roller Derby stunt skating in an MTV music video for McAuley Schenker Group for the song, 'Love Is Not A Game'.

Jim then went to work for Dakin, Inc., a famous toy company, in their mailroom and later advanced into their traffic department where he held two different positions over the next couple of years. Jim then became a police clerk and later a police service technician. Then Jim became a fire inspector and was also a reserve cop for a short while. Later, when the inspector job was eliminated due to budget cuts he became a fire fighter. For a while he was the Acting Deputy Fire Marshal.

Over the years he's performed magic and entered several stage competitions. In his first he and his son took 2nd place. Jim also performed a number of pay jobs as a clown magician, a serious magician, a strolling magician and a magical Santa Claus.

After getting hurt at work during a fire he went through years of physical therapy and treatments to become more mobile. Not just one thing helped him by itself but a combination of working out, watching his posture and diet, Myofascial Release treatments, Prolotherapy Injections and staying active helped give him a life again! Jim has been interviewed about it on TV and in newspaper articles. He hopes he can inspire others who live with chronic pain to not give up! In recent years Jim not only helped bring old school, pro Roller Derby and his old team, the San Francisco Bay Bombers back, but became their coach and general manager. He also became one of the league's trainers, Northern California Rep and one of the executive producers for their TV show. Jim joked, 'I guess that's one reason why I like to draw when I get a chance. It's my way of relaxing, unless the drawing I'm working on is going bad. lol'

Jim has also published 3 photo books. His first, 'Roller Derby Classics...and more!' deals with the history of the sport and also his involvement in it. His second book was a children's book, 'I Have a Chin! A Japanese Chin' about his family's pet dog. His third book was 'When I Shot Good and Bad Guys (who wrestled at the Cow Palace)'. It contains some photos he took during that brief period of time when he worked for the wrestling promotion. In 2011 he met NFL Hall Of Fame legend Dick Butkus and gotten on board with Dick's Foundation's 'I Play Clean' campaign to end steroid abuse among young athletes. For more info and to take the 'I Play Clean' pledge visit www.iplayclean.org

Jim has held two art exhibitions so far. One was held in 2011 at the LC Gallery located in the Westfield Mall in downtown San Francisco. One of his works on display that day was of Senator Leland Yee who made an appearance during the exhibition. In March of 2012 he held his second exhibiton at ManCave Memorabilia in San Mateo, CA. For that exhibition he displayed some of his works of famed boxer Mike Tyson. The timing couldn't have been any better since Mike was on hand making a special appearance. Jim and family were granted a private meeting with Mike at which time Jim presented him with a pastel drawing he had done of the boxer and his family.

In March of 2013 Jim was one of several artists featured in the eBook 'Best of Activism in Art - I' by Sarah S. Vati. On June 10th of the same year National Geographic editors published one of his photos as 'our favorite photos' in their Daily Dozen Share!

Since then Jim was selected by Art Tour International Magazine and featured in their 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 editions of their ATIM'S TOP 60 MASTERS OF CONTEMPORARY ART and their Top 20 Fine Art Photographers for 2017! The selection is made by a panel of art critics, gallery directors and interior designers from Italy, Canada and the USA! In early 2015 Jim was interviewed by Viviana Puello of Art Tour International Magazine, via Italy, for a 'Art 2 Heart' video episode and was also included in Art Tour International's most recent advertisement campaigns!

In 2015 he became the USA Project Competition Manager and Chief Lecturer for Team USA who would compete against Team Japan in Santa Monica, CA in March of 2016 for the RollerGame World Series. During the tournament he also did color commentary. Team USA won the tournament! On April 30, 2016 he made his debut in Gold Rush Pro Wrestling as the eccentric, 93 year old butler, Mr. Goldsworth, for pro wrestler Alexander G. Bernard! Since then his character has taken off and been performed multiple times not only in Gold Rush Pro Wrestling's league events but for in All Pro Wresting, Wrestling for Charity, Stars of Wrestling and Phoenix Pro Wrestling events! He is currently working on another character!

On September of 2016 some of Jim's old pro wrestling Super 8mm footage he had shot at the Cow Palace during Roy Shire's Big Time Wrestling shows in the late '70's was published (with credits) in a WWE video, 'I Did It My Way: The Pat Patterson Story' (WWE Hall of Famer)! In November of 2016 some of his wrestling photos, taken back in the late 1970's at the famed Cow Palace, along with quotes from an interview with him are included in Rock Rims' book 'When It Was Big Time: A One Hundred Year History Of Northern California Professional Wrestling'.

In March of 2017 Viviana Puello and Yadira Roman of Art Tour International came to his house to present him with a special award for being selected for their magazine and then Viviana interviewed him for a live Facebook stream in their 'Get to Know the Artist' series.

Jim is married and has two grown children, Joey and Vanessa. They also have two Japanese Chin dogs, Meme and Liebchen! Please note- all these images belong to Jim Fitzpatrick and all copyright laws apply.

Jim now hopes to use his artwork and photography to inspire others faced with chronic pain or other obstacles in their lives to '...fight on or in some cases move on... 'When one door in life closes we need to be aware their may be another door ready to open.' Jim

Below are links to his other sites.... www.facebook.com/JimFitzpatrickArtworkAndPhotography https://www.facebook.com/mrgoldsworthbutler/ http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5858784/ https://plus.google.com/b/108739234053695304512/108739234053695304512/posts

Jim Fitzpatrick joined Pixels.com Licensing on May 24th, 2012.