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About Holger Spiering

Learn more about Holger Spiering from Ueberlingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg - Germany.

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Around Lake Constance you probably won`t find a more comprehensive and picturesque image library than the one of award winning landscape photographer Holger Spiering. Unique, rare weather conditions like severe thunderstorms, piled up ice floes, clouds illuminated by afterglow, or thick November fogs distinguish his work. With endless photographic patience, meticulousness, and dedication to his home region his consistent wanderings with the camera lead him through all seasons and abutting nations.

After several years abroad, Holger Spiering, native from Ɯberlingen, settled down there again in 1997. Ever since he has specialized in Lake Constance as freelance photographer. Especially by his trademark, aesthetic panoramic images, he succeeded in making a well-known name for himself. Meanwhile his images are globally spread in pictorials, on picture postcards, calendars, or in magazines. Close collaboration with lots of partly internationally renowned publishers, stock photo agencies, business companies or tourist boards around the lake form the base of his profession. In the newly built retirement home Augustinum in Meersburg for example, 69 storey-high photographs were architecturally embedded in the building.

Holger Spiering`s passion though streams into his high level fineart prints. No matter if framed, mounted on aluminium or behind acrylic glass, here the stunning quality of his originals has its full capacity to unfold. Numerous exhibitions of his precious and skillfully presented prints are the best way to demonstrate the brilliance contained in this extraordinary work.

Holger Spiering joined Pixels.com Licensing on January 8th, 2015.