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Learn more about Sheila Mcdonald from Clinton, MD - United States.

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New Autobiography
On Abstract and Visual Art

Abstract Art movement took place in the United States. ...
In it's purest form Abstract has no subject. It's lines, shapes, and colors. Abstract Art movement is called
Abstract Expression because, although the artist has no
subject, it is still trying to convey some kind of emotion.
Abstract Expressionism movement began in the 1940s in
New York City after World War(# 2). However, the first
real Abstract Art was printed earlier by some Expressionists, especially Kandinsky in the early 1900s.
The main Characteristics of abstract art is that it has
recognizable subjects. Some Abstract Artist like myself
has theories on the emotions that were caused by
certain colors and shapes. They planned out their seemingly random paintings to the last detail. Other Abstract Artists painted with emotion and randomness
hoping to capture their viewers emotion and subconscious thoughts on the canvas. Mondrain painted with precision and geometric shapes. So like myself as a abstract artist. I like to leave the interpretation also to the viewers in mind. .....

Sheila Mcdonald joined Licensing on February 26th, 2016.