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Control which images you want to sell... which sizes you want to offer... and which licenses you want to sell.

Change your sizes, prizes, and license types at any time.

Add, edit, and delete your images at any time.

Create your own custom licenses.   If you don't like the terms of our pre-configured licenses, you can create your own custom licenses using your own terms and language - yes, really!

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Give it a try!   If you've hesitated to try image licensing in the past due to low commissions and long-term commitments, here's your chance to test the waters while remaining in full control.

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Black Rhinoceros by Johan Swanepoel

Choose Which Licenses You Want to Sell

For each image that you upload, you get to control exactly which licenses you want to sell.   We have one Royalty-Free License and lots of Rights-Managed Licenses to choose from.   If you don't find a license that suits your needs, you can create your own custom license with your own terms and language - yes, really!

Royalty Free

We offer one royalty-free license.   Our royalty-free license allows your buyers to use your images for promotional and editorial purposes (e.g. websites, blogs, brochures, mailers, business cards, etc.)

Sample Licensing Agreement:

Royalty Free License

Rights Managed

If you'd like to allow your buyers to use your images in advertisements, merchandise for resale, packaging, and other products, we have 10+ rights-managed licenses that you can choose from.

Sample Licensing Agreements:

TV Advertisements

Merchandise for Resale (Small)

Physical Publications


If our pre-configured licenses don't meet your needs - no problem.   You can create your own custom licenses with your own terms and conditions.   Yes - really!

If you want to create a license that allows a buyer to use your image on the side of a blimp (and nowhere else), you can do that.

Set Your Prices for Each Available License

For each license, you get to set your own price.   If you want to charge $5 for a royalty-free license for one of your small images, great!   If you want to charge $500 for that license, that's great, too!   If you want to charge $10,000 for a rights-managed license that allows the buyer to use your image on the cover of a book, go for it!   You have complete control over the licenses that you sell and how much you want to charge for those licenses.

Start Selling and Receive Payments

Once you pick your licenses and set your prices, your licenses are instantly available to purchase. takes care of each transaction for you.   We collect payments from your buyers (i.e. the licensees)... we deliver your images and licensing documents to the buyers... and we pay you on the 15th of each month for all of your sales that occurred before the 15th of the previous month.

Keep 100% of Your Asking Prices

The prices that you set are exactly how much you'll earn when you make a sale.   Yes - really!   We simply mark-up your prices by 30% when showing them to your buyers.   If you set your price to be $50 for one of your licenses, we're going to show it to the buyer as $65.   When the buyer makes the purchase, you'll keep the full $50 that you specified.   For the math aficionados out there, that means that you're keeping 77% of the sale price (i.e. $50 / $65 = 0.77)

What's it all mean?


You can sell royalty-free and rights-managed licenses.


You can create your own custom licenses.


You can control the sizes of the images that you license.


You can set your own prices for each available license.


You can change your prices at any time.


You can add new images at any time.


You can edit your images at any time.


You can delete your images at any time.


You can close your account at any time.


We don't require any exclusivity.


You no longer have to settle for tiny commissions when you license your images.


You are in control!


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