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About Yvonne Johnstone

Learn more about Yvonne Johnstone from Edinburgh, U8 - United Kingdom.

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I am an Artist/Photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland.
My interests are wide and varied and this is reflected in my subject matter.
I enjoy finding the beauty in even the most mundane subjects and the challenge
of depicting the small details which are sometimes overlooked.
Where possible, I research my subjects to give me a better understanding, which in turn allows me to adapt my approach to each one.
I do not restrict myself to any particular style or media as this gives me the freedom to create my vision on each individual piece.
I hope you enjoy browsing my galleries as much as I have enjoyed creating the works.

Copyright © Yvonne Johnstone 2021. All rights reserved.
All artwork in this gallery is original and uniquely created by the artist Yvonne Johnstone. All paintings, drawings, digital art and photographs are Internationally Copyright Protected.They may not be downloaded, copied, reproduced, manipulated or used in any form, without prior written consent of the artist.

Yvonne Johnstone joined Pixels.com Licensing on January 27th, 2010.