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Learn more about Wayne Stadler from Calgary, AB - Canada.

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As a photographer I lean towards the past. That is where the stories are. Stories we may never be told but I like to find these things and let my imagination create. Sometimes they are sad stories, sometimes they are stories of a triumphant escape to a better life. Really though, we will never know, but that in itself is a story.

I like to find the subjects of these photos and for a brief moment share a breath with them. To connect with their material shell and show the beauty that still exists within the time they've got left.

Landscape photos for me are similar but different. It's safe to say that there are not many places left in this world that haven't been touched by man. To me it's incredible to pretend that I am the first human to witness and capture such natural beauty and grandeur that so many places hold. That alone is the reason I shoot landscapes.

I have roots in Vancouver and Calgary, Canada but am currently on a perpetual road trip of North America to make more new images because, well you know, I'm passionate about photography. I really like to travel to find and make those photos. My photography education is ongoing and I don’t have a bunch of history and awards to ramble on about. All that said, I've won a few contests and have had some images featured on Fox News, Huffington Post and the likes. So that is kind of cool.

If you happen to purchase some of my work from here, I'd love to receive a message letting me know how the final printed piece turned out. ...and so I can thank you personally. :)

For even more of my work be sure to look through my official website at http://www.waynestadlerphotography.com

If you're interested in my travels that take to me to most of these images you can follow along at http://www.wayneontheroad.com

All the best to you and yours,

Wayne Stadler joined Pixels.com Licensing on August 13th, 2010.