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About Val Black Russian Tourchin

Learn more about Val Black Russian Tourchin from Jersey City, NJ - United States.

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Born in USSR. 25 years live in the US. Most of the time in Brooklyn or NYC's 6th borough, across the other river from Manhattan.
I shoot people for living. I cut my own hair. I make my own jokes. People who laugh at my jokes live longer.
Last 18 years I'm going forth and back between being full time pro photographer or going back to my corporate job (that lucky for me I don't hate either, and sometimes even like) and doing photography part time. My specialty is architectural, studio model, and sport/fitness photography.
My friends gave me nickname 'Black Russian' for having mostly black friends and specializing on (as they saying) 'shooting black people'. LOL!
Name for my studio came out before I decided to give it any name. I heard few times models was saying 'I did those pix in Black Russian studio'.
So, Black Russian Studio it is!

Val Black Russian Tourchin joined Licensing on May 4th, 2009.