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I am just a guy. . .   I may or may not have an eye for pictures.   It's not really for me to decide, That's for you to do. . .   I will take pictures of things others may see as mundane.   Then I dig down into those images to see what is where.   The tech does a lot of the work for me, I can't pretend.   But the tech doesn't see what I see. . .   Buddy of mine (this officially lets him off the hook for this) always tells the story of how when we would walk together as kids he would always be looking up and out and around, meanwhile, I...more
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The Rockin Coast Of Maine

The rock outcrops of Maine are (to me) fascinating. First is the idea of their direction. A North South orientation dictated by the scourging of the land by the glaciers. Same reason many northern rivers valleys lay that way. But before the glaciers, something else happened. The rocks are all flipped on their side. It's sedimentary rock, with veins of quartz, and they lay perpendicular to the center of gravity. They CERTAINLY did not form this way. So they had to have been flipped, 90 degrees. There is more, and those other facts which are undeniable will be revealed in this collection (some, anyway) . I invite you to join in my child like fascinations with these rocks.



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