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Learn more about Udo Linke from Frankfurt Am Main - Germany.

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Pop Art is stylizing the banality of everyday life - thus no other style in modern art is closer linked to our lives, it's timeless beyond any fashion and always will be.
I'm viewing life as retro. Everything happening now is processed as tomorrow's past. We are looking ahead anticipating whatever comes our way based on the experiences of our past. That's why everything vintage and nostalgic also has a futuristic aspect to it.
Mayor influences in my art are all kind of vintage things transcended into pop culture - like toys, comic books, classic pin-up's etc..

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You are welcome to get in touch for ideas, projects, exhibitions:

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Also visit my Retro Pop Art page at Facebook: www.facebook.com/udo.linke.retro.pop.art

Udo Linke joined Pixels.com Licensing on January 29th, 2010.