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I use the name Sea Change Vibes for my photography and design work because I love the ever-changing mood, colors, and tides of the sea.   Ocean, lakes, and ponds have a deep influence on my work but I also love people, flowers, bridges, architecture, and about anything.   Imagery can express so many emotions and thoughts across borders and languages.   My love of photography helps me see the world in a different light, such as waiting for that moment when a duck stretches her wing or a musician stands on one foot.   I wind up paying more attention to people and nature and other...more
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Vintage Look

This collection features unusual buildings, vintage-looking flowers, or other scenes, essentially art that evokes a mood. Buildings might be abandoned, between owners, or just interesting in some way. Flowers might have vintage colors or textures, or look a bit like upholstery. The term "vintage" is loosely interpreted but mainly refers to a sense of patina or age.

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