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Take a look now. I have just uploaded a bunch of art (2/2020) mostly done in 2019. I seem to have gone surreal last year. Imagine my art in your home or office. I guarantee you will get comments from visitors. Visitors will skip the, ‘Hello, how are you, for meaning comments. You’ll be a hero with your friends!
We proclaim our persona in the choice of clothing and home decoration. We can also proclaim our authentic self with art that addresses our deepest aspirations.
Be proud of the art you discover for your walls. It will gently remind guests that you are a person of substance.
Address that part of you that you manage to ignore in daily life. In doing so you fulfill a deep human need.
You may ignore it for a day or two, but a lifetime of ignoring will lead to a life of existential hunger. Art becomes a valued affirmation of your soul.
You are a distinct member of a culture that incessantly tries to make you a statistic for marketing purposes. You can’t leave the culture, but you don’t have to leave yourself.
My content comes from a stored experience of my careers of observing people in specific circumstances, as a television director, photojournalist and college photojournalism professor. I daily observed and reflected on scenes from glorious triumphs to tragedy and foolishness. I observed, and now draw upon, this gamut of human experience in my digital art.
My art would be at home on some ancient cave wall. It would reach the minds of primitive cave dwellers, as it reaches the primitive level of contemporary minds.
On another level, I�m back to the career I abandoned when they took away my crayons in the second grade. Then, I was intuitively aesthetic. Now, I incorporate a lifelong habit of reading psychology books in my efforts. I read psychology to improve my observation of people. I learned that the essence in any human scene is expressed psychologically, not just visually. From all this I have developed my mantra, �I can be me better than anybody else.�

I was a local television director for ten years in Norfolk, Va. and Atlanta, Ga. before switching to newspaper photojournalism in Atlanta. I moved to the Cincinnati Enquirer for twelve years. While at the Enquirer, from 1966 to 1978, I won 22 Ohio awards for photojournalism and two national awards, including a National Press Photographers Association award for best photo story coverage of the Senate Watergate hearings.
I did freelance photojournalism in Cincinnati from 1978 to 1983, primarily doing work for local hospitals and for Black Star Photo Agency in New York. My Black Star assignments have appeared in many national magazines including Time, People Weekly, TV Guide, US Magazine, The New York Times, BusinessWeek, Fortune, Barrons, Der Spiegel, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, etc.
I now do abstract digital imaging, since 2000. I have had 14 solo digital shows and numerous group shows in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.
I hold Master's degree from the University of Cincinnati. I taught photojournalism at The Ohio State University School of Journalism and Communication from 1983 to 1998. I have been creating and showing digital abstract art since 2000. My email address is I invite your comments.

Tom Hubbard joined Licensing on March 7th, 2008.